ZTL - Limited Traffic Zone by license plate reading

ZTL regola gli accessi alle Zone a Trafficolo Limitato attraverso l'installazione di telecamere di lettura targhe nei varchi di ingresso.

ZTL regulates access to Limited Traffic Zones by installing ANPR cameras at entrance gates.

The product is CERTIFIED conforming to UNI ISO 10772 standard in full CLASS A and HOMOLOGATED by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure with homologation n ° 80814.

ANPR cameras detect vehicle transits by storing the license plate and the date/time of the transit.

Access restrictions to the Limited Traffic Zone are entered into the ZTLManager software manually or by importing from digital archives.

ZTLManager software automatically checks the accesses and makes the operator available only photos of unauthorized vehicles for the required validation. Unauthorized transits are exported to the municipal management system for the issuance of fines.

ZTL can send a real-time alarm in case of transit of a vehicle inserted in the BLACKLIST.

The product also manages a signaling panel on / off for signaling to users the state of the gate.