The system design methodology adopted by IMAVIS is organized in three mainstages: application and user requirements analysis, (software and hardware) architecture design, and implementation.

In the past years we aquired experience in the development and management of stand-alone solution and cloud applications progettate to guarantee security, stability and scalability.

Through the use of cloud solution we create services available for web, smartphone and desktop at the same time. Following different needs we build desktop software and mobile app natively developer to integate within their ecosystem or created with cross-platform tools to assure to the user a uniform experience.

The flexibility in the development is guarantee by the knowledge of several languages and technologies among which we cite Java EE, Python, C++, Assembly, QML, JQuery, Django, JavaScript,  QT, HTML5, Cordova and NodeJS.

Thanks to the relation with research groups, IMAVIS has extensive experience in innovative solutions for image and video analysis, also on embedded systems, through the use of deep learning and of the latest technologies used in computer vision and automatic learning fields.