iMAGIC - The device which simplifies the installation

The internet connection of a security system places some problems for which the installer often needs assistance losing time and money: discovering the router password, knowing which ports to open, checking whether the IP is static or dynamic, etc.
iMagic solves all these problems by making the system reachable on the Internet in few minutes without programming the router.

With iMagic, the installer needs no networking skills, does not have to spend hours on the phone with the assistance and should not be responsible for changing the customer router's programming: iMagic guides you to get the little information you need and then proceeds to connection configuration in full autonomy.

iMagic monitors the security system

When the customer needs the recordings he may find that the DVR was off for months due to a failure or power problems; or it happens that the ADSL connection of your holiday home is interrupted without the customer noticing it. iMagic keeps track of the system continuously and if the DVR is no longer reachable or the ADSL disconnects, it immediately notifies the customer via email and PUSH notifications on the APP iMagic (available for Apple and Android).

iMagic also works with PRIVATE IP

With iMagic, you can see your system from your smartphone even in a private IP network because it works with all connections and with all Internet providers. Thanks to a Cloud Server, iMagic replaces the dynamic DNS service and makes the system always reachable.

iMagic Plus: VIDEOVERIFICATION from home

iMagic is also available in the Plus version with an 8 input and 8 output card; with iMagic Plus you can add the VIDEOVERIFICATION to traditional anti-intrusion systems of any brand and model, even those already installed. With iMagic Plus, the customer finds out immediately if the alarm is false without having to go in person.

Just connect the control panel to iMagic Plus, install one or more IP ONVIF cameras, and tie the alarms of the various zones to each camera. When an area goes in alarm, iMagic Plus sends a PUSH notification and an email to the user who can immediately see from Smartphone and Tablet what triggered the alarm.

With iMagic domotics in one click

Often the final customer, besides wanting to turn on and off the alarm system from the Smartphone, may need some home automation features: turn on the boiler or air conditioner before returning home or turn on the irrigation system depending on weather conditions or command the opening of the damper. With iMagic Plus, you can remotely manage your devices from SmartPhone or your web browser and get instant confirmation emails!

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