Imavis provides a complete service of message delivery.

Starting from an analysis of the needs it is possible to choose the most appropriate means to achieve all of its customers.

The service is available to

Methodology of available messages

1) Push messages

This service allows to notify messages directly on the Smartphone of customers who have downloaded the APP even if this does not work. Therefore it is possible to send an alarm message in real time from the security system, send a message for marketing promotions and new products or inform the customer of the activation or expiration of service.

To receive push messages it is necessary that the Smartphone is connected to a network (WiFi or 3G).

2) Management of SMS sending

Through this service it is possible to send an SMS message. The cost of SMS depends on the package chosen and the selected service

To receive SMS messages is sufficient any mobile phone and GSM coverage.

3) Management of Email sending

This service also allows to send emails to all customers and is particularly useful when it is necessary to attach a file or picture message. The customer receives the message on his PC in the e-mail program avoiding the unnecessary expense for shipping MMS for the sole purpose of sending a photo

It is important to note that e-mail can be read also on Smartphones.